almost there

alhamdulillah for a productive day, yesterday
I managed to settle 3 of my assignments and half of my economy exercises *hands in the air*
it's that restless week of the semester. minggu assignments semua berlombak mintak hantar.
and speaking of assignment, I think at some point I kinda lost it
guess who was so geram at her group members that she rolled her eyes during presentation and even sindir them?
mimimimimimimi mimimi only mimi mimimimimimimi mimimi annoyed mi
yes me. I even sindir them in Facebook.
don't push it people. I can be mean if I want too. so don't!

so today I went to have a late lunch with Dina + plus window shopping + swee kang tanpa resah dan gelisah
I bought cds of Cuak, New York Cinta and a Thailand movie, Teacher's Diary
I wasn't interested to buy any but then I saw Cuak and I know Ashli been wanting to watch it but he can't find it online so...
and I need something to do during midterm break next week other than my thesis
and probably some mentoring
Miss Afiza has assigned students who did well during the midterm exam to mentor the others and I'm one of them
honestly, it was not because I'm good at economy it's just that most of the questions were similar to modern mathematics
I always enjoy classes involving calculations
maybe not all of them, just business mathematics and financial management

can't wait for this week to end
then h&m going to be open on the 30th at The Spring
and of course le friends and le boyfriend convocation days!
I'm not going to ask again if I can skip the meet-the-parents part because Ashli will definitely give me that, that's-the-only-time-my-parents-will-be-in-Kuching talk
first impression matters so any suggestions on how to get rid of the tan on my face?


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