I was home on last Monday but I was exhausted that I spent the rest of the evening napping
but only after I had a bowl of Laksa Sarawak
and bought an eye mask at Sephora, a novel at MPH and a tote bag at Parkson lol

on the next day, I went out with Nisa, Aireen and DJ to kononnya celebrate DJ's belated birthday since everyone seems to not have any class on that day
we went to have a late lunch then DJ originally wanted to buy a phone casing but ended up buying a Bokitta Hijab
Aireen iboh padahlah
her eyes went wide watching all the Sales sign at Parkson
even hesitated to move in front of the Dior perfume counter
then we went to The Galley's because everyone didn't want to go home yet till DJ said "oi balit gik semun dah nyawa."
lepas sampey rumah of course lah terlentang terbongkang dan terkangkang
today, I think my body is finally fully recover from all the sleep deprived

so how was Induksi and MAP?
we went to a camp for 3 days
they took our phones away and only gave them back on the very last day
I already told my parents and nenek beforehand of the possibility so they won't worry about me
I managed to Whatsapp-ed Ashli saying "happy third in advance!" while I was running to my dorm to get my wallet because we were supposed to hand that too and I didn't know
switched off my phone without waiting for Ashli's reply.

I smell like insect repellent through out the 3 days
I even generously sprayed my friends because there are so many mosquitoes around
went jungle trekking and ate rice and eggs cooked using bamboos
I ran furiously went someone shouted "snake!"
kenak rendam dalam air laut by the facilitators!
they were like "tak dengar arahan! pastikan awak basah sampai ke bahu sekarang!"
even got rubbed with salts on our lips
a friend of mine secretly wiped mine off because she said it'll hurt if I let them there too long

once we reached our dorm, Choomie said to sleep in decent clothes because we'll probably gonna have a night walk
so when they turned on the siren I just put on my tudung and took my bag
went out with muka bangun tidur tanpa memberus gigi or whatsoever okay
they blindfolded us and there were spooky voices, girls screaming, people running around
of course everything was made up because I can hear the facilitators nearby talking and giggling
but the were some people who actually read Ayat Kursi because they were so scared
all I can think of at that time was "can I just lay down and sleep since I know everything is fake plus I don't think we entered any jungle by the number of steps that we took."

in the morning, I joined my team members for the sukaneka
we had to turned around for 10 times
then sipped some water from a container and muntahkan everything dalam 2 small mineral water bottles
I didn't took a look at the water bottles.. major euwww
we shouted a loud and long "NO!" when the facilitators said "sekarang mandikan ketua kumpulan korang dengan air tu!"
no one moved an inch then the facilitators had to do it themselves urgh

but it's all good
no one took any of the activities to the heart
even though I'm still tanned till today
I have so much things to write but I'll continue later
have a bless Friday! assalamualaikum :-)


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