continuing my induksi + MAP story.
we celebrated Malam Ambang Merdeka with the others.
everyone else was dressing up hevat-hevat while me, Nisa and Aireen were still using the same baju kurung we've been wearing from morning lol
plus I was the Senduk Girl so sik kan lah nak ngaut makanan pakey orang lain makey kebaya putih lepas ya turban di palak nak?
then on the day before the new students came we were given a task to do a video on kemerdekaan
I was roaming around Plaza Merdeka in my Liaison Officer's shirt

on the first day of registration
I welcomed the juniors with eye bags under my eyes
I encountered this one girl
she has health problem and a bit on the chubby side
I gave her a room somewhere at the ground level
she was so overwhelmed that she cried at the registration counter

the second day was a bit boring
so we fooled around a lot
when one or two students showed up, we clapped our hands and did some cheers
their expression was like "wth is going on" lol
no more registration means I'm done with my official duty
so I was pretty much menyibuk here and there during the Latihan Dalam Kumpulan
I helped the other facilitators with their activities and such

during the rest of 5 days at the DeTAR
you can find me sleeping under the staircases lol
we were up around 4 am and finished around 11 pm
then the LOs have to stay for the postmortem
so I settled with what I can get
under staircases, near the hall's corner, in the surau...
you name it

during the second day at the DeTAR
this one girl came up to me and said
"kakak, saya lapar."
Nisa, Zizi and Naim were there
Zizi was like "adoi.. comel lah awak ni. tunggu sekejap boleh?"
she said she was sangat lapar and I told her there's nothing I can do about it
she has to wait till lunchtime
udah jak hari ya lunch KFC nendak lapar jak nangga kotak KFC bersusun di luar nak?
they were served with KFC on that day
then Pizza Hut 2 days later

I was on duty during Hari Bersama Fakulti
once the juniors were inside with the staffs
semua terbongkang dekat sofa rah lobi fakulti
sik pandey tidur dudok, lena juak tidur dudok
honestly, the MAP wasn't that tiring
it's just that everyone were not getting enough sleep

during the very last day of MAP
I was on duty as the Dulang Girl
don't ask why.. it just happened that people like to give me that kind of job lol
BRC lost against Allamanda but I must say Allamanda did a really great job on their cheers
I don't remember the other one with the awesome tepuk here and there
but I do remember

wah, hebat!
wah wah hebat hebat!

I'm too lazy to share all the photos here lol
maybe, in the next entry?

and to this guy
I can't wait to see you
soon! hehe!
assalamualaikum :-)


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