of raya and love

I've been lazying around
so how's raya for you, you, and you?
mine was okay I guess except that I was involved in a minor accident during 7th of raya
total cost was zero injury and 300 Ringgit Malaysia
Naz was excited since it's her first time keluar masuk Balai Polis
third time for me
a total bad ass
I was just kidding
I have zero criminal record
so yeah

I have nothing to write about that's why I haven't updated anything for quite some time
shout out to my friend's first boyfriend ever!
you know who you are
when you hit your 20s
looks is no more a priority
money? urm stability is a yes
a sense of responsibility is definite
ya jak lah

my first raya with this guy
look sayang I chose a picture that hide your double chin :-P
our beraya session was a bit late at night through Skype
we promised to make this relationship work so we gotta do what we gotta do
so that's it from me. stay safe! assalamualaikum :-)


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