of growing up

so last night me and The Know No had quite a serious conversation
because it seems like except for Fahdina and Laila, the rest of us have scary dads
I don't think Uncle Hamid is that scary since he's already like "Fatin sapa gerek kitak?" and be like I'll find you one if you're not seeing anyone
tapi Uncle Ghazi is scary to the power of two lah lol
Nisa said he used to call these two boys to Bilik Guru because they were hitting on Nisa
Uncle Ghazi is a teacher fyi
Nisa said one of them is a bit wise than the other one because he said to Uncle Ghazi that his intention was to be friend with Nisa while the other said he likes Nisa
memanglah kenak lalu lepas ya lol

so I was asking them
apart from inviting your boyfriend over on hari raya
how do you introduce him to your dad
I can't imagine the awkwardness of saying to my dad
"Pak, there's someone I want you to meet."
then run to the kitchen and leave everything else to Andrew Garfield Ashli
then poke my head out to the living room and eavesdrop their conversation
can we please skip that part? no? okay.

I was harassed by my udak when I came to visit my pak nek and mak nek the other day
I call it a harassment because I actually got a bit uncomfortable and even excused myself to the toilet
she was like hugging me and be like "Yasmin! where's your boyfriend?"
she was asking A LOT of questions and said to my mum "Yam.. bila?"
which my mum replied with "sik tauknya eh!"
even my mum reaction is no longer "eh nya gik mudak gik belajar."
it's sik tauk which sounds like "up to you.." to me
this transition of life is so weird

there are some girls who make it obvious how eager they want to get married or engaged and show off their boyfriend in Facebook even when they are friends with their parents in Facebook
then there are girls who keep most of the relationship stuffs as secrets from their parents. like me.
so when you aunt suddenly whispered to your ear "I know about your boyfriend because I saw your Instagram. it's okay for students to get married, you know." then winked at you
it feels like a horror movie
so I'll just go and do THAT LOAD OF STUFF first then I'll think about how to introduce my boyfriend to my dad, later
because my teachers always say, "you should do the easy questions first and skip the difficult ones. afterwards you come back to finish the difficult ones."
assalamualaikum :-)


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