surrounded by weird people

so Dina, Nisa, Fatin, Laila and me were talking about kids
we are reaching that phase so its pretty much a common topic nowadays
jap I don't think Dina was involved in the conversation
I can't remember!
it's normal for us to leave out Dina
bangun tidur lambat, makan lambat, berkemas lambat, lampi jak lagik so yeah

Nisa said she wants kids without having have to deliver them but they have to be from her and her husband
Fatin said she wants 5 kids if she's lucky enough to find a man good enough to be her husband
amin yaRabbal alamin
she wants Taylor Lautner  as a husband!
dah tua pun masih cerewet
then there's Laila
"Awang Noah Zulkipli Ishak Yaakub Yusuf Ayub Syuib Musa Harun Daud Sulaiman Yahya Isa bin Awang Muhammad."
I see what you did there
you just sang the song didn't you?
I just want to say I have weird friends

and a weirder boyfriend
"Sayang when we have our own house we need to have a basement yang boleh jadi bomb shelter."
"Sayang do you think I have pretty eyelashes?"
"Tadi I hisap Crystal Menthol"
he puts the Vicks crystal in a bowl, added hot water to it then inhaled it
"If only I had a nerdy woman I could give this to..."

which I said "Tak nak" too..
but these weird people keeps me happy
so I'll just keep them forever
sweet sik kamek? hewhew
assalamualaikum :-)


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