purple umbrella

I was scrolling by Tumblr dashboard

relatable feelings
hesh I miss Ashli
earlier today, I made my brother to take back my purple umbrella from my aunt lol
I didn't know my aunt borrowed THAT particular umbrella
lokek sik Amy? lol
my boyfriend gave me that!

there's actually a story behind the umbrella
that day, Ashli parked my car SO FAR AWAY from the airport entrance
it was already 430 and I had to pick up my mum from work
I told Ashli to just borrow anyone's umbrella and walk me to my car then give it back to the owner
but he said "I'll just buy you an umbrella."
then I made some faces and insisted no one is selling umbrellas at the airport and mentioned multiple times that he shouldn't had parked the car so far away

but, he managed to find and buy an umbrella
walked me to my car
then I noticed his left sleeve was soaking wet
because I'm a selfish girlfriend
3/4 of the umbrella was probably covering me alone lol
and he didn't said a thing.

I know he'll read this
stop stressing so much
stop thinking weird thoughts
just take care of your health
and I'll see you in October insha'Allah
get well soon sayang :-)


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