of hair cut

today, I went to get a haircut
unfortunately, this place that I usually go to has closed down
so I went to another place.
the kakak yang gunting my hair gaok lalu!
I end up looking like Chibi Maruko Chan with a really bad bob cut T.T
that's what I told Ashli.

Ashli is a bit biased when it comes to me, everything is supercalifragilistic!
I just learnt that word. from him.
so tettt!
of course I turned to my friends.
Fain said I look like Professor Snape.
Ernie suggested that I cut some of the hair off by myself
because my right side is a bit longer than the left side
Fatin? she just laughed it off.

THE HAIR but nooo mama won't let me perm my hair pfttt

 what I asked the kakak to do

how my hair looks like

I was surprised to find a similar haircut on Tumblr lol
but I found some really cool videos on Youtube
I need a curling iron hehe
later! assalamualaikum :-)


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