of being insecure

I'm reaching that phase where little things are bothering me.
I'm mostly a reasonable girl.
but I don't think I'm as reasonable as I used to be.
shits happened and people changed.
I changed and I hate it.

last Sunday, I went out with Aisyah.
we talked about things.
Aisyah said something about trusting a person then the person misused your trust and now you're just unreasonable insecure.
the thing about being insecure is that you tend to be a bit clingy and it's annoying.
you know how annoying you are but you just can't help it.
I haven't reach the clingy phase
but insecure yes. annoying? about to if I don't control myself *sigh*

and I hate talking things out.
it makes me feel so vulnerable.
that's why when I'm in a really bad mood I just don't talk. literally. to anyone.
except my mama because she's capable of repeating her questions 150 million times.
so I have to answer them before I get really annoyed.

my coping mechanisms are shutting down and take my time till I feel much better.
then it's all rainbows and butterflies once more.
talking things out? pftttt


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