5th day of Ramadhan

I've been lazy-ing and puasa-ing
my puasa has been a bit on the unproductive side
though I even saved this checklist I found on Twitter

I promise that I'LL TRY to have a more productive puasa
starting tomorrow

so the day before puasa, I managed to catch a movie with Aisyah
I'm not so pleased with the fact that parents nowadays let their 10 years old kids went to watch Transformer alone
they don't even care to pretend that they were embarrassed looking at her
they even made inappropriate whistles
I was shooting them the are-you-kidding-me look but I guess they were too caught up in the movie to notice it hesh

on the night, I had my first Skype date with Ashli
I have no idea how we're gonna do this ldr thingy
for upcoming months, its not gonna be that bad because he's gonna be in town for his debate thingy and convocation
but next year, its gonna be a different story
Nisa said I should apply for LI-ing in KL just to be close to him
but I can't live in KL. one word, the heat! *sigh*

the mark for my Research Methodology was out yesterday.
alhamdullilah next semester dah boleh proceed final year project.
I have to wait for next Wednesday for the temporary result of every subject. wish me luck!
so, that's it for now I guess. I'm signing out.
assalamualaikum :-)


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