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it has been quite a stressful week
not a normal exam week because Dina and Fatin have been bertungkus-lumus menyiapkan their final year project report which are stressful to watch T.T
since I don't have anyone to fool around with so I've been doing a lot of revision alhamdulillah

sent him to the airport yesterday because he needs to settle his LI thingy back in KL
said "bye" to him a lot of times and he finally he went in after I said "you balik sini lah hari Isnin."
less than 2 weeks before parting for good sobsss

anyway, I want to wish everyone Salam Nisfu Syaaban :-)
I'm not sure how the first page of my new buku amalan looks like
probably like this...

1. procrastinated her revision
2. stayed up late doing nothing
3. woke up late
4. more procrastination

Allah must have pity me so He made my perut memulas-mulas di awal pagi
hopefully the angel managed to scratch of some of my sins by now
I hope yours look better than mine
you know probably decorated with some daisies because you recited Surah Yasin last night

so, Salam Jumaat Al-Barakah
and may Allah ease whatsoever plans you have today. Amin.
I'll write again later. assalamualaikum :-)


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