exhausting week

I think I've been not much of a good friend lately.
I guess it's because I didn't manage my time for family, friends and boyfriend properly.
plus there are so many things to do!

on Sunday, I went to pick up a book I need to do my assignment.
then I went out for late lunch with le boyfriend.
but I went back early because this girl has an assignment to submit on Tuesday.

on Monday, I spent the rest of the day doing my assignment.
sent it the next day then I went out again with le boyfriend.
my old self would probably went to have some coffee with Nellie, Fiza or Atul because I don't get to see them much.
but but but you can't help it when your boyfriend's going to leave the city in less than a month so...
if it will make you feel better, lemme tell you I slept in the car on our way back home zzzzz
and it has not been a month of dating! its too early to show that side, I know!
I can't help it. I was too tired!

yesterday, I spent the WHOLE DAY at JPN replacing my ic.
I never thought I'll lost my ic but I did.
went out for dinner with Dina and Fatin at Carpark Cafe.
I can't find my power bank this morning.
hopefully I didn't left it there T.T

and today I managed to do some catching up The Uddins lol
I went out for lunch with Dina, Nisa, Fatin, and Aftar.
we thought we really should get together before the 'tiang lampu' going back to Negeri Sembilan for good.

I went to Plaza Merdeka afterwards to buy some stuff.
did some impromptu shopping at Cotton On.
grabbed a scarf and a pair of flats for ONLY RM24 *cries of joy*
I felt sorry for turning down Fiza's offer to catch a movie but I don't think I could.

did I mention I have another solemnisation ceremony to attend tomorrow?
and reception ceremony on Saturday! *dying*
so I really should do my revision while I have free times.
assalamualaikum :-)


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