birthday gift

so the boyfriend asked directly "seriously, what do you want for your birthday?"
I responded with a grin then he said "susahnyaaa..." hahaha
I told him that I don't want a perfume because the one usu gave me on my previous birthday is still sitting nicely in its box.
I don't really need anymore teddy bears because the one ngah gave for the previous birthday and the one Fatin and Laila gave 2 years ago are untouched
and the mug that Naz and Lina gave still in its box too lol

last night, I finally told him what I want.
a love letter! hahaha
things I made him do; sing for me, tell me jokes, write me a love letter...
and the thing I do for him; steal food from his plate, fall asleep in the car, roll my eyes pretty much at everything he does...
sooo not eligible for the Best Girlfriend Ever award lol

I honestly don't mind if you don't get me a present but since you said it won't feel right so I thought of making your life easier.
knowing how far you'll go sometimes, please don't fly to Kuching just to celebrate my birthday.
please don't! I MEAN IT ASHLI.
you'll probably send a video of you singing happy birthday in a language I don't understand without me requesting it so...

this are the things I don't mind you'll get for me:
1. books but I don't read what you usually read
2. something you have always want to see me wearing ( hint: no couple tee please )
3. Cath Kingston inspired phone case ( hint: made from rubber because I'm very clumsy and I might break it )
4. Mockingjay hijab pins which are really hard to find actually

there are actually two things I really need but I didn't list them
because if he'll buy them, I might not use them sebab sayang hahaha
I haven't even use the turquoise telekung that dedek bought for me sebab sayang okay
I know he'll read this so... did I made your life less miserable? lol
I'll write again later. goodnight! assalamualaikum :-)


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