on being in a relationship again

Dating Amy 101

1. I'm a light sleeper so I'll probably reply your text even at odd hours
2. referring to number 1, please don't freak out at my 'last seen' status
3. I'm grumpy when I'm hungry
4. I rarely say no to food
5. I don't eat vegetables
6. I don't eat so much when I'm on my pms
7. I own Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, 3 Gmail, Blogspot, Churpchurp, Nuffnang, Tumblr, Pottermore, and Fashiolista accounts.
8. sometimes I can be really mean
9. when I'm mad, I say things I shouldn't say even if its the truth
10. I sucks at apologizing
11. I sucks at comforting people
12. my family will always come first
13. I hang out with my friends a lot.
14. most of the times, impromptu.
15. I sucks at remembering numbers; birth date, phone numbers...
16. I'm not a big fan of pda.
17. I'm not affectionate in nature.
18. I need my alone time.


of course I was obliged to break the news to my roommates, Aisyah and The Sarabanons. we're a big fan of Faiz Dickie so yeah. then I had to change Whatsapp Group Chat with my roommates to Masih Ada Yang Sayang to deal with Fatin's depression.

then the conversation with The Sarabanons
Fiza: Innalillah status single Amy. sedih eh. polah parti perpisahan lok.
Fain: kau nanggggg. Diam diam.
Ernie: Linaa pegi kau nun ngagak ****** tinggalkan ku sendiri
Fiza: selamat tinggal dunia gelap amy
Me: perlahan-lahanku terimaaa
Fain: emosiiiii ku mok ktk org single dpt jumpa salu especially kau!!!
Me: apahal kau x mendoakan kebahagiaan aku?!
Fain: aku mendoa p ku maok kau d kch jak
Lina: oi naz tauk kah?
Me: aku lpk hp nya problem brk jak msj
Naz: uwww mun nya molah hal kelak bala2 Sarabanons bantey nya haha

I was napping when Aisyah Whatsapp-ed me
Aisyah: oi ktk dah on ka dgn mat saleh
Me: phl??
Aisyah: dah lah ya haha
Me: hahah
Aisyah: kahkah ok

so for the time being, they're the only ones who know and obviously my blog readers lol
Iolls sangat konfiden sekda rami orang maca my blog so hahaha
okay kamek malu sikmok tulis panjang-panjang so goodnight
assalamualaikum XD


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