it will be all right

last Thursday,the boyfriend asked what I was up to.
then he said he was watching Youtube and told me to watch this when I was alone.
I was like "tengok apa?"
then he sent me a video of him singing this song

I can't stop watching the video lol
he sung the chorus part which pretty much means

"And I think it is you.
I know you believe it.
You're the one who put rhythm in my blisses.
Put rhythm in my moods.
Just like that.
And I think it is you.
And for the very first time.
Forgive me for my doubts and my angers.
Time will work for us.
And you and me,
Oh, it will be all right."

I got the translation from here.
the video is for my own pair of eyes only so Ernie and Fatin please carik boyfriend dikmpun.
Fain tulong suroh your own husband belagu okay?
speaking of husband, guess who got herself a husband?? Faiz!
I attended the solemnization earlier and inshaAllah the wedding reception tomorrow.
I'll write about it in another post. so goodnight! assalamualaikum :-)


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