cats business

I finally can get back to my old routine!
I finished my research proposal which also gonna be my final year project next semester insha'Allah.
that thing sucked the life out of me. literally.
I've been abandoning other assignments just to do that less than 10 pages proposal.

so what else I've been up to?
I went to Jelajah Kampus 3R in UNIMAS.
I went to have dinner at Basaga with my new friend. I guess we're friend.
Fatin and Dina insisted it was date, it was two friends of opposite sex having dinner together.
and owh I signed up as Liaison Officer for Majlis Aluan Pelajar UNIMAS 2014/2015 yeay!
basically this kakak will be the one who will hand over your apartment and room keys.
so I'll be in UNIMAS, two weeks earlier than everyone else because I have to attend Kursus Induksi first.

I also want to say congratulation to dearest dedek for acing the UM interview.
she nailed it and everyone is gonna be in KL on 23rd minus moi because as usual I have classes to attend to.
last but not least Happy Mother's Day mama, mak, ngah, mak nek, Faen, Dina, Fatin and semua yang bergelar ibu out there!
Dina and Fatin masok list because the three of us are the mothers of Natasha and Mariana.
the two cats at my rumah sewa. yeah!
you know, those two gave birth to their kids already but we don't know where they're hiding them.
berbagi suami kali tang sik jaoh jak masa nya duak beranak.
none of my cats business so sukatilah hahah
I'll write again later. assalamualaikum :-)


p/s I just spent 8 minutes and a half smiling like an idiot watching the video. watch it!


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