updating my blog because I don't want to do my revision. yet.

assalamualaikum *termengah-mengah*
that's how my life had been these past few weeks.
I can't even hold my breathe underwater long like I used to.
tried it during le familia weekend gateway at Citadines.

so what have I been up to?
spending most of my Friday, hunting for new places to eat.
moved on a bit on MH370 case.
brought back the padlock of my rented house gate once which freaked my landlord big time.
a bit depressed since my friends are graduating sooner which means I'll have to find new lunch partners urgh
maybe I'll just eat alone.
no new boyfriend still.
celebrated my sister's excellent in result in SPM plus her belated birthday party.
attended a cousin's wedding which then my wedges ripped into two. epic!
obsessing over John Green's work.
watched Captain America.
sent my baju raya to my tailor already :-3
haven't ganti my puasa yet though.
helping Fain's selling her Ikat pants which you can check out here.
had my first banana milk tea.
just settled two of my midterm exam.
and another one is coming right up on Thursday.

what I'm up to later?
revising for my Thursday paper.
but before that, probably I'll do some reblog-ing in Tumblr.
got a discussion tomorrow morning.
then a meeting with Dr.Khalique because I just asked him to be my supervisor. I'm almost graduating *menangis keharuan*
does the word keharuan exist??
settled my Research Methodology assignment *ngempas dirik ke lantey goleng-goleng*
some more discussions.
dan cuti!
owh I'm also gonna be home alone this weekend.
everyone is gonna be in KL on Thursday.
and I can't come because I HAVE A FREAKING EXAM!

so yeah.
yeay exciting life I have!
bersyukur lah Amy Yasmin. yaRabbi.
cukup makan sampey boncet walaupun sik berapa nak cukup tdo sampey ada designer bags dibah mata and jerawat berpartayyy di muka.
I even come to an extend where I used tudung Syria TWO DAYS IN A ROW to classes
pasya ngerepak sekda gerek p ngacak dirik sik maok *sigh*
if you guys miss me so much please do visit my Instagram.
I'm somehow always there than here.
so hopefully everyone will have way way way better days than me :-)
take care and assalamualaikum.


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