doesn't feel like a break

I finally can just relax and breathe.
I haven't spent so much time online because my laptop broke on last Thursday.
I've been running here and there since Friday getting my hands on whoever's laptop and do my works.
I didn't had any time and money to get my laptop fix.
my family was in KL till Sunday so I pretty much had to handle everything by myself.

so what's up?
I went to Fiza's supposed to be surprised belated birthday party.
I was the one brought the cake over and just as I want to hide the cake alu dara ya ngecol diriknya.
we laughed so hard that my stomach hurt lol

after that, I pretty much stayed in to do my assignments which seems endless!
I should meet with Dr. Khalique aka my official supervisor this morning but I haven't come up with a title for my final year project yet so maybe tomorrow, the day after or next week.
I just need a rest. these past few days had wearing me out.
right now, I just want to watch some tv and felt asleep in front of it.
so goodnight. I'll write again later.


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