Courtesy Week

I was just checking Morpheus - UNIMAS E-Learning site.

"Dear students,

There will be a Courtesy Week next week 14-18 April 2014 organized by Perfep. The issue chosen for this semester is GREETINGS.

To provide our support for the week, pls display polite behavior & greet your friends, lecturers, staff, acquantances and even strangers.

On morning of our class Tuesday 15 April 2014, pls gather in front of FEB's main lobby at 7.45 AM. We will help doing MORNING GREETINGS. Then, we will go for lecture.

See you there.

“Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.”
― Kurt Vonnegut Jailbird"

this one lecturer I have is really into all these campaigns.
last time, we had to do a poster to support breast cancer.
not that I'm complaining.
Fatin! we need to do our name card!
you know, just in case a handsome stranger pass by and we have to greet him.
FOR THE VERY OBVIOUS REASON! to support this campaign daaa..
ttyl! I have to design my name card lol


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