come back

I changed my phone's ring tone.
I know you would be like "so what?"
you know that random song that you just somehow relate to?

"I don't wanna let you in,
'Cause I don't wanna let you down,
You think I'm not interested,
The truth is I want you instead.

I don't want to make you wait,
'Cause I know that its not okay,
And if you find another girl,
Just know that it wont be the same.

I don't want to fall in love,
'Cause I don't want to mess it up,
If you think that it's worth a shot,
Well show me, show me what you've got."

not bailing on my 27-Dresses Team though.
no on show me he worth it yet
the We're Gonna Travel the World if We Somehow Still Don' Get Married by the Time We Hit 30 plan is still on heheh
enjoy your weekends. assalamualaikum.


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