Atul turned 22

I know I haven't write anything for quite some time.
this week has been a really busy week for me.
I had 4 mini assignments to be submitted.
I was literally a walking zombie.

however, I had a great time with Atul and Nellie.
we went out yesterday, to celebrate Atul's birthday.
it was simple but really much needed.
me and the birthday girl was desperate for a time out from the reality.

we went to three different restaurant. THREE! before we could find one that was opened. soi mena ya. asal keluar dgn Atul duak Nellie jak.. kedey nak sik pernah2 tutup mesti tutup -.-

I was fooled by the Internet! I thought that vinegar + baking powder = whatsoever thing which will make the balloons float like helium does. I just got Punk'd! in the end, I asked my brother to blow these for me lol

we made it happened anyway.

so... Happy Birthday Atul!

we spent the rest of the evening taking photos which was fun but a little bit tiring.
we ended up at Ding Tea sipping our drinks while I watched Atul and Nellie melayan perasaan cemburu boypreng masing2.
since I don't have one, I scrolled my Twitter's timeline instead #TeamForeverAlone
we spent some time at Atul's afterward, watching Astro Awani while waiting for our phones bluetooth-ing photos to each others.
I actually fell asleep last night because I was too tired.
and I think I should hit the sack now if I don't want to fall asleep in class, tomorrow lol
so goodnight. assalamualaikum :-)


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