langkawi getaway

I just back from Sibu.
it was CNY but dad got work to do over there and suddenly I found myself vomiting after 3 hours journey in the car.
did I mention it was 6 hours drive? so yeah.
I was looking forward to see a lorry full with pink fat pigs in cages at its back, passing by but I saw none.
they're gross but cute!
I wonder how they get so fat but sooo round at the same time.
owh! don't worry it's not like the owner let their pigs round around freely here.
you can only see them somewhere out of the city where the populations are mostly non muslims :-)

okay back to real deal.
remember I told you I just got back from Langkawi?
Fiza and Ernie had planned the whole thing way way back.
after my dad oppose my decision to go to Taiwan I felt hesitant to ask again.
I didn't tell? yupe, I've passed the Skype interview though the Internet sucks a lot and I HAD TO SING for the interviewer.

it was the day I finished with my last paper.
I was home after doing some shopping with Ernie's at Boulevard.
my mom asked the usual questions, where did I go, who I was with...
I told her "I went to check out Daiso with Ernie. she was looking for things to bring with to Langkawi."
reality, I was the one who's doing some present shopping for her.
my dad overheard the conversation then asked what's Ernie doing there and such so I told him she's going for a getaway with Fiza.
alkisah, pantun saya pun dibeli oleh bapak.
that's how I crashed along Ernie's and Fiza's getaway.

day one

I was very unhappy with the cost of large size drink at Coffee Bean LCCT shesh

I was pouting which equals to sleeping. any of my roommates know this lol

Langkawi! calit tanah ke daie heheh

selfie while those two are wrecking the brain with gps and maps

caught sunset on our way to the motel

our motel was so near to the beach

found this really interesting small bookshop

day two

second day - breakfast

Ninie to the rescue!

this is actually the back of some shops but it looks so cool

Fiza: sik kau ingin berisik yatch sigek?
Me: tunggu jak aku nikah dengan dato

feeling gitew

I really wanted to carry it but I got so scared when I start to pet one, the other ten came too!
rasa kenak kepong musoh jak

day three

muka stress nangga kerak mengarey

day four

and that's a wrap!
if I were to come back there again one day, I'll probably come just to play the water sports!
they are so expensive! that's why we didn't try any.. one day insha'Allah.
have a great week ahead guys! assalamualaikum :-)


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