double pressure

do you know I have been rejected for SPA scholarships twice? lol
I guess bapak has to bear with it for another 3 semesters insha'Allah.
it's just that it makes me feel burden to do better because I've been using a lot of money.
it's like I'm a stock which have to keep my value high to prove how much of a good investment I am
cewah dah pandey pakey business terms lol
alhamdulillah my cgpa keeps on getting better as every semesters passed.
hopefully I can keep it that way till I graduate.
on MBA, I guess we'll just have to see first.
yesterday, Dedek was called by the school to apply for Maybank scholarship.
if she managed to get it, I'll consider pursuing my MBA.
if not, I'll probably have to get myself a job first.
growing up is so not fun!
till later. assalamualaikum.


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