surprised on 1st January 2014

first, I want to welcome everyone to 2014!
this is not the typical new year resolution post which none I have. cewah!
I mean it though. I mean everyone been adjusting themselves to life everyday not every once a year daa
as I told you before I've been menyelamkan this head of mine in books, so I was surprised to read a message in my Facebook's inbox early this evening.

isn't she sweet?
I don't know if she sent it to everyone but still, thank you for making time to send me this.
oh who is she? she's my English for Expression lecturer. she was an English teacher of mine too back in high school for a year if I'm not mistaken.
during our first class, she said this to me "OMG! my past is haunting me." lol!
so in this post is pretty much what me and my group members did for the play presentation.

the planned was to let Lyn, this friend of mine to wear the tutu inside the dress she'll be wearing but it turned out hideous so we ditched the tutu.

this was during the last practice before the presentation. me and Fatin fooled around because we were bored waiting for the rest to come :-p

WE ACTUALLY FORGOT THE KERIS DURING THE PRESENTATION! but alhamdulillah the presentation went well so yeah!

Fatin as Princess Aurora

Albert sengal as Hang Tuah

Lyn as Snow White. we tucked her hair inside her dress and she turned out looking like a real Snow White! even Miss was impressed!

Fahmi as Dayang Senandung. alkisah, he forgot to shave his moustache that day -.-

and yours truly as Mulan hehe!

we rojak-ed fairytales and dongeng Melayu. to cut the story short, Aurora had to find a way to make Dayang Senandung fair if she wants to marry Hang Tuah. I was Aurora sidekick and obviously Aurora asked advices from Snow White. the idea was developed from how we say 'uras' during discussion which received two thumbs up from Miss :-)

sesi menjemah semasa kenduri kahwin Aurora dengan Hang Tuah.

I had to include this because a friend of Miss commented this picture on Facebook saying Albert looked like Johan Ashaari :-O

and that's us with Miss Humaira at the back! she was nagging with the others about the LCD or something. Dayang Senandung wasn't there at that moment. ye lah dah putih cantik segala tak hang out kitorang lagi dah :-p

so that what I was busy with during my last week of lecture!
it paid off big time and I already sat for the paper on last Monday.
alhamdulillah that went well. hopefully so will the rest of my papers.
wish me luck and hopefully everyone will have a year full with blessing :-)


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