Naz turned 22

I've been meaning to post a new entry but the Internet hasn't been his normal self so...
I just got back from Langkawi last week but I'll write about that later.
I'm gonna write about the surprise belated birthday party that the girls and I threw for Naz..

we arrived at her house around 7 and told Lina to come sometime after that.
her mom was more than happy to plan the whole thing with us.
when they finally arrived, Lina told Naz that she need to borrow the toilet.

surprise!!! she cried of course. this surprise thingy can only be pull on Naz. I don't think it will work for the others because we're not as sensitive as she is. our reaction would probably be "ya jak tek? *raise eyebrow*" lol

the pictures on the board actually spell 22. it was originally Fiza's idea which then ditokok-tambah with mine dan diolah oleh Fain. Fain also did the selempang thingy and bake the cake since she's the only one in our circle who's creative. but! I did the crown though :-S

close up picture of the cake. pretty right?

makan time! no we didn't cooked any of the food lol

and that's a wrap!

we had so much fun..
it's been quite some time that we hang out with everyone. I mean almost.
unfortunately Ezzah, Fizzy and Faez couldn't make it.
insha'Allah sometime on the weekend we'll meet up with everyone since they finally back for semester break.

speaking of school and stuff alhamdulillah I'm very satisfied with my result. the temporary ones but still...
so three semesters to go and that's that insha'Allah.
I'm thinking of fashion industry related job but I don't think my dad would agree so I'm gonna fully use my intern opportunity to pursue my passion.
plus he's been mentioning about me pursuing mba a lot so I don't think I'll have a career any sooner but we don't know what HIS plan is so we'll see...

I'm not sure if he's willing to not having his girls around so much because my younger sister is waiting for her spm result and she made it clear that she wants to pursue her study somewhere outside Malaysia.
last night, she submitted her application for pursuing engineering in Japan under mara so yeah...
not to mention ze brother's gonna finish his high school in 2 years and after that is probably music for him.

this is the reason I've been telling my mom to give birth to another child!
we're not gonna be around most of the times anymore. what my parents need is another child to give them a hard times lol
I was just kidding but I did told my mom to consider getting pregnant for one last time.
they're not expecting to have a grandchild from me any sooner right?
I'm not seeing anyone currently so that is soooo out of the question.
okay enough gibberish talk. later! assalamualaikum :-)


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