jar project

it's semester break so I've been spending a lot my times in Tumblr.
I stumbled upon an awesome idea to get myself and even you going for the year.
call it what you want but I call it The Jar! okay that was lame but whatev, you can click the x button on the top right of this screen if you don't want to read my writing.
the idea is to take a jar, paper and pencil then write good things that happen to you today.
by the end of the year, empty the jar and count your blessings.

a lot of people are so negative and with a lot of things happening around us, you need to have something to look forward to and keep your mouth shut from complaining too much lol
and you know how people are sharing so much thing to the public?
personally it has its pros and cons but I stumbled upon something like a note-to-self thingy and it said how inappropriate for people including myself! to share things without considering others' feelings.
like uploading a picture new shoes in Instagram when the people who saw the picture is probably having a financial issue but he/she is actually in NEEDS of a new shoes. this is me, memangkong kepala sendiri.
my point is, this is good for people who wants to keep something memorable to themselves but lazy to write it in a diary but at the same time want to fight the urge to share the picture to the public lol

there are other things you can fill in the jar such as:
1. dreams
2. motivations
3. awesome meals you had
4. random song you listened to today
5. surah you managed to memorize
6. doa you managed to memorize
7. books you've read
8. new people you've met
9. accomplished goals
10. memories worth savings
11. place you want to travel someday

I'm gonna do this insha'Allah starting next month.
why next month? because I need to find a jar first and decorate it.
if I'm gonna do this, I don't wanna do it halfway and be like "eh the jar is so hideous I don't wanna do it anymore."
it's a lame excuse but an excuse is still an excuse and I'm good at giving myself an excuse to not do things. you feel me?
that's that for today.
assalamualaikum :-)


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