Istiadat Konvokesyen UNIMAS yang ke-17

I'm FINALLY done with my mid-term exams.
can you believe it, it's almost a month before ze final and I'm just done with my mid-term?
statistics exam was a chaos! I pity Mr.Khalique, he must have felt the pressure to just go on with the exam despite lacking of lots of thing.
so I'm back to my routine life. my comfort zone.
I'm gonna write on Istiadat Konvokesyen UNIMAS yang ke-17 which I involved with early of last month!

this was during the rehearsal the day before

roamed around the bazaar and made it to Terfaktab's instagram lol

first day on duty. all happy and hyper!

muka-muka lapar after a really long day

on the second day. badan lenguh and sakit semua dah terasa.

in one day there were 2 sessions. the speeches were all recycled. even we memorized it!

during boring speeches, we ended up sleeping behind the curtain lol

half of the the LOs on duty

muka happy sebab everything dah settle

and that's a wrap!

so Fatin cried during the wakil pelajar speech on the first session.
she's a student from Fakulti Engineering and she received the Anugerah Diraja.
she managed to get the dean list for 8 semesters during her 9 semesters in UNIMAS.
at first we were like "this girl needs to smile. it's a happy day" then during her speech she got all sebak and made us terharu.
she's one of those people who hard work paid off big time. such an inspiration!

on the second day, I gave a standing ovation to one of the warga istimewa.
I've been standing all the time I'm pretty sure if I gave everyone a standing ovation lol
he was on a wheel chair and that moved me.
when it was the end of the session, he went out first with his parents.
his parents are quite old and you can see how proud they are of him.
such a beautiful sight.

what I was grateful of during the end of every sessions are when the parents randomly came up to you saying their gratitude for having them and pray that one day your day will come.
I'm halfway through this semester and I have another 3 semesters to go insha'Allah.
just wait till I come up on the stage wearing white, red or green baju kurong!
apparently UNIMAS undergraduate's jubah konvokesyen looks great with either one of the colour.


that's not my bouquet of flowers. someone lent me lol
so that's pretty much it for this post. till later. assalamualaikum :-)


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