finally 21

guess who turned 21 on the 14th Dec? Moi!
honestly, I wasn't expecting anything. it's just another birthday.
I've got a present from my aunt the night before.
then my mama woke me up with a peck on the cheek and nenek greeted me with "Happy 23rd birthday!" which I responded with "I'm just 21 you know" lol
my brother gave me a bottle of perfume which I knew he bought from his last trip to KL because mama told me way way way back then. my mama is a surprise spoiler. she does that all the time.

then Naz and Lina surprise didn't turned out that well either lol
I already saw them from my room's window when Naz sent me a text, asking if I'm home.
the wind didn't help either. it keeps on blowing the candle's light out then those two argued a bit -.-
I told them to come in and demanded them to sing me the birthday song since their surprised didn't went well
after that, I went out for lunch with The Berbuals which are my roommates plus Salam and Natasha.
I had to wait almost an hour for Fatin because her car broke down =.='
I haven't done yet! I went out with the family for dinner because me and my two little cousins share the same date.
and I've got a Carolina Herrera perfume from my other aunt that smells so good aww
and with that my birthday was a wrap! phew!
I run here and there a lot for my birthday. I know.

what puberty did to me

so these are my two little cousins, say hi to Iman Liyana and Ziqri Ashman :-)

so these pretty much what happened and presents I received on that day

I just want to say alhamdulillah for the blessings.
thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday.
domu domu domu chuwae! I was just kidding I don't know what that's supposed to mean :-P
sorry for the lack of updates. I'm gonna sit for my first paper on Monday and I've been literally diving my head into the books zzzz
nevertheless, I still wish everyone will enjoy their last few days of 2013.
insha'Allah we'll meet again in 2014.
assalamualaikum :-)


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