Zatil's wedding

a little update on what I did earlier this month.
I went to a friend's wedding. yupe wedding.
I feel so old man! I don't even have a long-time-boyfriend with plan to get marry any soon sobssss sretttt *buang tisu dalam tong sampah*
the day before I went to seek for her house with Fatin because it is a new house:
me: hmm according to the map it should be here bah kan?
Fatin: supposedly..
me: should I go dalam lorong nun?
Fatin: hmm..
me: Fatin.. we are currently driving bawah khemah. and khemah usually means kenduri!
when you make Fatin read the map, things like this happens XD

this is us while wrapping the wedding gift. I mean waiting for the Parkson's staff to finish wrapping it

I went to the wedding with Fain and Fiza.
we managed to force Fiza to randomly ask people around if it was the right house lol

the bride and groom.

to Zatil, selamat pengantin yang tak berapa nak baru dah because it has been almost 3 weeks.
I wish you, a beautiful marriage berbahagia sampai Jannah :-)
okay people okayy now I need to find myself a future husband.
so toodles! have an awesome weekends and assalamualaikum.


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