aiesec go exchange

today isn't really a happy Friday for me...
it marks almost the end of my mid-sem break!
which also mean exams and assignments due date *sigh*
anyhow, I'm not gonna write about my boring exams and assignments in this post but AIESEC Go Exchange.
guess who signed up for it?! yours truly of course!!

that fine morning, cewah!
we were waiting for Mr.Hafiz to come.
then one of my classmate came in and start talking about this AIESEC thingy in front of the class.
if you're wondering why I said he suddenly came in, it's because he doesn't belong in that class.
that was the first year students class.
what I was doing there?
because I'm a junior yang tak berapa nak first year lol..
back to the story, it sounds fun so I whatsapp-ed Fatin and told her that we should check out their booth the next day.

so we went there the next day.
and met a really really adorable junior *melting sekejap*
and he told us to come for the info session the next day.
which we went and made fun at a lot of stuff which wasn't supposed to be funny tapi terjadi funny.
waiting for our turn to sign up in a really really really long queue. no kidding! check this out!

see! saya tak tipu okay.
then off we went to buy ice cream gula apong.
yupe. at 10 pm or was it 11 pm.

muka stress lama berdiri tapi tak kurus.
dan muka happy nak pergi makan ice cream.
the irony, nak kurus tapi makan tengah-tengah malam lol
after signing up, we need to go through an interview set up by the AIESEC-ers
which I went a few days later, wearing a stained pants because of the brownie. what brownie? scroll down!

yupe le brownie.
Bing's yummy brownie.
and I was there till just before the interview and I have an exam the next day. yupe. exam.
but that adorable junior made me forgot all of my problems for a while.
I skip the part where I should tell you he was one of my interviewer didn't I?
sangat over the moon walaupun seluar kotor hiks

tada! a week after.
bapak said no Indonesia or India but yes for Japan or Korea.
I was informed that Thailand already open their registration.
but I have trouble registering so I need to wait for Qiu Xi to reply my email and give the resit for my fee.
we'll see my rezeki later on okay.
so that's pretty much it for this time.
I need to finish a lot of thing because I'll be busy for tomorrow and the day after.
I'm involved with Majlis Konvokesyen Unimas so later ya'll. take care! assalamualaikum :-)


  1. mun bencana alam? kau tok nie eh hahaha

  2. kenak india n indonesia mie? noob sikit :p indon pat g bandong or baliiii!

  3. sebab india nya pun crime rate tinggi and indon salu bencana alam ler.. oo pain tok bukan cuti2 luar malaysia. tok program pergi cgek negara then polah charity -.-


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