Malaysia Day

so this is my delayed Malaysia Day entry!

the night before, we went to watch Kapal Berhias.
Waterfront was so packed that me and le familia went to the other side just to catch a glimpse of them.
the ceremony was very the meriah though I only watched everything from tv.
yeap. tv. still I was excited.

look who's excited for the real thing? me!
I made my dad promised to bring me watch the Hari Malaysia ceremony the night before.
I even wear colour coordinated clothes!

it was hujan rintik-rintik but we didn't move an inch!

I stood 3 hours straight for these!

le cousin, Ian joined acara perbarisan.
at first he hesitated but his mom bought him a pair of earplug then he agreed to do it.
what's with the earplug?

because of these!
he was scared of these!
and these are the only reason I didn't mind waking up early to! lol!
one day when I have my own kids I'm gonna bring them to watch this.
till that day come, let's pray for our country to still stand strong together in harmony!
enjoy your Sunday! assalamualaikum :-)


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