may the force be with you

so I've been using the last week of my semester holiday to laze around and waste my time.
I'm really good at that I should be a tutor or something but nahh I'm too lazy and ignorant to do that :-p
so this is pretty much the goodbye post though Fiza has been in UPM for a week hiks
while Faiz will be leaving tomorrow.
Naz and Lina are still gonna be in UITM Semarahan so I'm predicting I'll be seeing those two kerak a lot..
to Fiza, Faiz, Lina, and Naz, welcome to the not-so-exciting-degree world of yours truly, Ernie, Ummi, and Fizzy.
please take care of yourselves and I wish everyone all the best! may the force be with you!
we'll go for a lunch again like ze pictures down here some time later. insha'Allah.

why the paket angpau? I owe Fiza so I keep the money in there with reminder "hutang wajib dibayar walaupun tidak dituntut." at the back lol!
and look at that art thingy Fain made, ya nang muka Fiza lah and me -.-
padah selalu molah muka ingga nya gya ajak.

also on that day, Adam left his mark at my new baby. with his vomit. but Fain did a great job at cleaning it. supermom lah katakan.
and urm.. I knocked on the window of an ALREADY CLOSED SHOP and asked the workers to open it just for me so I could take my sister's stuff.
I know I know.. nang boleh tahan olah nak :-s
oklah kitak anok kamek! so kamek nak tdo! merajuk!
okay berbual. I really should go to sleep because tomorrow I need to go to my rumah sewa and CLEANED it. yeay! FUN! not.
again, to everyone who's about to start their degree journey, good luck and sila rasa tua bersama-sama I okay.
goodnight! assalamualaikum :-)


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