31st August

I've been meaning to update le blog but I had quite a week.
I already start a new semester so I'm gonna be busy running here and there attending classes which means less time will be spend on the blog.
let's get back to the business but before that, Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia everyone!
if you wonder did I went watch the ceremonies and such, of course lah I pergi!
I kan poret lol! poret means menyibuk fyi but I'll write a proper post about that later.
I just want to share things I do at Dania's birthday party urm on the 31st August which later that night I went to Atul's Merdeka Raya.

meet Dania. she was all awkward because it's her first ever birthday party which she doesn't have to celebrate with her older brother lol

and the party begins! I wanted to share a video where the candies fell but the size of the video is too large and I'm very the lazy to try other alternatives than sending it from my phone through email. no judging please!

even the aunties and neneks joined in!

if you think I was being boring and layan my phone ajak at a kid's birthday party, well you are wrong! I know how to partayyyy even at kids' birthday party.

le proves *dancing to the banana song* okay. I didn't have to dance to a banana song lah to get the prize but I was just lucky.

representing the happy faces of moi, Nellie and Nurul who finally sampey ke rumah Atul because there was a really bad jammed because of Kedah vs Sarawak football match if I'm not mistaken on that night

muka-muka kenyang!

kenyang dan boroi lol!

and that's how my 31st August was spent!
makan, party dan makan lagi but recently I lost some weight.
must be because of my so called busy schedule or my bongan shrink.
I can't eat as much as I used to anymore! these days, my body actually learn to REJECT food other than veges too.
I'm as light as 51 kg nowadays! last time I was that light was during my post break up season. zaman I selalu meroyan dolok eh!
I'll get my selera back when November comes mungkin? ecece. dah eh ngereco.
I'm signing out! goodnight and assalamualaikum :-)


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