the odd one

so this is my update for Thursday of last week.
I just tagged along because some time before iftar, me and Fatin went to fix my spectacles.
I stepped on it. yes, STEPPED sampai bengkok.
sedih mengenangkan betapa beratnya diriku ini tsk T.T

the original plan was to have our iftar at Hartz Chicken Buffet.
tapi semuanya salah Moon! oo Munirah! lulz
she, Grace and Farina were supposed to arrive there earlier than me, Fatin and Saza and reserve a table for us tapi Moon baruk nak mandik bila Grace ngambiknya hmph
and speaking of Moon, she randomly sent a text to me asking if I ever went to India Street.
don't ask.. I don't even know why..
oh back to the story, we ended up having our sungkey as we Sarawakian called it at Pizza Hut!

from left, me, Moon, Fatin, Grace, Farina and Saza!

I'm the only one who didn't went to MRSM Kuching hihi

muka puas makan and puas nganok Moon!
FYI, Moon is a nurse in the making. she told us hospital stories while we ate.
labour stories, a boy got burned, how she was asked to do the CPR to one of the patient...
very thoughtful, kan?

looking for surau to perform our Maghrib.
exception for Grace because she's not a Muslim but it's her idea to have iftar together.

we were imagining that we are acting in a horror movie.
in an empty hotel and got chased by ghosts who came out from the end of alley yikes!

there was an Imam who lead the solat.
tapi Farina semangat, nya dolok ngangkat takbir!
lepas ya perey! astaghfirullah al-azim..

kotan tek Grace madah maok gambar mek orang makey telekung sak kedak Nora Danish sampey telekung I senget pun sik perasan hmph..

then we went to have aiskrim gula apong.
and I only found out then that, Saza came in second for Orang Misteri Era Kuching.
one lucky duck!
I had a great time!
that is because I'm not that waiter which Saza talk to dengan ranggatnya and made him refuse to serve us again after that.
and because of that Moon declared all of us are eligible to become a nurse at ICU ward because there's no way no one couldn't hear us asking for help and such lol!
we're loud liddat hiokhiokhiok
so that was it. I'll write again next time.
assalamualaikum :-)


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