this is the post I promised to do urm more than a week ago..
I've been lazy and busy being a couch potato hee
I was supposed to bring my mama for a lunch out along with my siblings.
but of course I didn't brought her for merely lunch.
we went to The Spring and even City One.
because kununnya I wanted to go to the Popular book fair.
I did bought one book.

we were so stressed out looking at her only wearing a pair of flip flop walking out from the office that we forced her to buy a pair of new slippers or whatsoever at Padini which my mama can't do nothing but agree

I bought a lipstick. wee Amy is all grown up and tuija!

somehow I don't like the texture so much though, not so smooth or was it my chapped lips?

it makes me look paler than I already am but I always managed to pull off pale look anyway.

my sister was forcing me to get the minions balloon for her which I didn't. I don't think they would gave it to me. I seem to be twice the height and age of the kids they usually entertain.

this was at City One. we were talking our mama into buying the beanbag which she seems to agree at first but decided not to after she took a look at the price. meow.

I guess my brother didn't really enjoy accompanying us

so we cheer him up with Baskin Robbins!
and everyone went home happily.
I shall sign off. I'm gonna go pick up my own baby in a bit.
what baby? boys are too mainstream that I decided to date cars instead.
ciao! assalamualaikum :-)


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