raya outfits

how's everyone? how's your raya?
if you asked me, I'm sihat alhamdulillah. raya pun cukup 7 hari lol
I stayed at home for the first day except when I went to my grandparent's house of my mama side.
during the third day, I went to menziarahi sanak saudara or how we said it, berjarah.
the fifth day, I stayed at home because pretty much everyone said they are coming to my house on that day.
but on the second, fourth, sixth and seventh days I went beraya with my friends.
walaupun begitu, I DIDN'T MADE IT TO EVERYONE'S house
I didn't realised I've made a lot of good friends till this year's raya.
sayang seribu kali sayang, I didn't made to Munir's house sebab Is padah he gives out duit raya!! bukan rezeki..

I'm not gonna write about everything in this post.
I'm just gonna share some of  my raya outfits.
this year, I have 1 baju kurung tradisional and 2 baju kurung moden which one of them is my mom's but she gave it to me.
I didn't recycled any of them. I just mixed and match whatsoever outfits that I already have to wear for days afterwards.
so these were my outfits of the days and nights :-)

I don't go over the top on the first day because I always end up doing dishes in the kitchen T.T
my kain baju kurung was a gift from my mak angkat in Betong :-)

this is the one my mama gave to me.

the purple kebaya was once wore to attend my friend's engagement ceremony.
I don't like the colour so much because it looks sangat tua and kelam so I mixed it with a skirt I bought from MNG.
I figured out the way to wear the shawl by myself but I don't think it was originally by me.
if I'm not mistaken there was one tutorial from an Indonesian hijabi which more or less looks like this too..

same skirt but different top.
the top is from h&m.

this is the kurung moden that my tailor made.
it was inspired from Mimpi Kita collection.
I wore the shawl just like the one I wore with the purple kebaya but with a bit of twist.

again the black skirt but with a white kebaya which I tucked it in.

this kebaya was my arwah nek ma's
I was told by my auntie to sort the old clothes and threw away all of the old stuff.
but me and my sister decided to keep this. so wallah!
owh, again the black skirt.

I wasn't expecting anyone coming on that night.
I slipped into my hot pink jubah and I'm ready for camera.
but I guess Moon didn't :-p

hari ketujuh! I was lazy and out of baju to wear.
so I wore my baju kurung moden which is from last year's raya.
or was it from two years ago raya.

so that was my outfits from day 1 to day 7 of hari raya.
now I have to figure out what to wear for tomorrow.
Syaz invited me to go to her openhouse.
don't mind us, in Sarawak raya adalah sebulan okay!
I still see kids playing fireworks at night.
I think I should go and menunggang-terbalikkan my almari.
till the next time that I'm not so lazy to write a new entry. assalamualaikum :-)


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