8th of Syawal

last Thursday, I brought my dad's baby Altis to his first car service.
I just got out from the shower when my dad call.
I thought it would take an hour or two so I didn't mind.
so I put on whatsoever clean clothes I have and drove my dad's baby to Toyota Centre.

my dad told one of my uncle to accompany me.
I thought that he'll bring me home first and pick up the car later on. but I was wrong.
he was there with my cousin for the first hour then it was just me, TV1, my almost dead hand phone and awesome Toyota Centre wifi for the other 2 hours *sigh*

my uncle and my cousin

I was literally begging some of my friends to come over with a hand phone charger.
but then I saw one of the worker drove the car outside so I thought "never mind.. it's almost done anyway."
I don't know what else they did to do car because I have to wait for more or less half an hour.
my dad and mama keep on calling it makes me grumpy and the fact that I haven't took my lunch when the clock shows it's already 4 in the evening made it worst.
I was like "yes pak.. still here." in a voice that obviously shows how moody I was..
and "yes ma.. yes! still here. stop calling please my battery is only 5%."
when they finally done with the car, I dropped by at Plaza Merdeka and had my Hielo fix..
made my day so much better. my tummy too!

this is me after hours at Toyota Centre

my dad's text which I managed to read only when I reached home because my hand phone's die on me -.-

later that night, my sister asked me to drive her to the nearest shop because she needs to photocopy some of her homework.
while waiting for it, we went to Hopoh where I bump into my brother's guru for mengaji.
she's also a relative yang berpangkat nenek.
so I went to salam and all but she doesn't know me T.T
but her daughter and granddaughters know me so they made it less awkward.
oh well, it was for the sake of manners anyway.

once we were done with my sister's home works we went to pick up my dad..
he had some works at Sibu, the reason I held the responsible for his baby Altis first time car service.
he was hungry and suggested that we have steamboat.
too bad the place was closed so we went to Grand Margherita instead.
why Grand Margerita? I don't know.
I guess he brought us to somewhere fancy to make up for the errand he asked me to do in the evening .
it's just how my dad role and owh he usually give pocket money afterwards hewhewhew

meet my bapak and dedek!

I also recorded shawl tutorial which Ernie requested later that night.
so that's how I spent my 8th of Syawal.
I'll update you later with things I do on last Saturday with my mama and siblings.
till later. take care and assalamualaikum :-)


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