yesterday, was my second time went out during this Ramadhan.
my sister was succeed in talking me into dropping by at Plaza Merdeka for a while just because she needs to buy that handbag.
that Esprit handbag she had been keeping her pair of eyes at for so long.
while she was doing her shopping, I roamed around the store and a song which my brain told me to keep humming the melody till I get it right was playing.
it was Rocket by Yuna.
while I was singing "you are like a rocket in my mind.. rocket in my mind.." in a my low voice, I realised someone else nearby was singing along too in his manly voice.
it was one of the worker there.
we stared at each other and managed to give each other a smile before he went back to do his errands.
and I felt like a heroine in a novel who now should already have that guy phone number because he gave it to her or
he took it from the member's registration form which he had insisted me to fill in
he was a good looking guy in case you're wondering.
that's how it should be if my life is a novel but it's not.
I happened to recognize this guy because he's one my friend ex-boyfriend.
but I didn't lie about him being good looking lol

oh when I was roaming in Quicksilver,
I happened to pass by two of the male workers who were busy chitchat-ing
but halt to wait for me to pass by and one of them managed to introduce himself in that brief seconds.
and he was good looking too. they to be exact.
it's been a while, that I have people approaching me in real life and somehow it made me feel good.
it's just that, when someone approached you using social networks accounts, they already have an impression of you..
they probably read you from your default picture and in very rare cases, your bio lol
and the impression is something you already created earlier so people think that way of you which probably only half of it is true.
and the fact that these guys are good looking is probably the reason I don't mind having them approaching me XD
don't judge me as if you're not bias like moi!
later in the evening, I was out with Fatin to have our iftar together and I told her about them,
she was like "urgh! too bad this is not a novel.." and I was like "I know right.. too bad!"

speaking of the iftar we had at The Spring's Secret Recipe, that was the worst customer service I ever experienced.
first, you don't lie to your customers that tables cannot be reserved when 'Reserved' signs were obviously displayed on other tables.
second, you don't obviously mock your customers about the reasons you don't understand why your customers want their food to be serve a bit late and not now.
third, you don't serve your customers with sour face and you know what, you forgot our coaster!
I was THIS close to have a word with their manager till ALLAH did HIS thing and bamp!
she suddenly fell down the stairs with her bottom hitting the floor which made a really loud sound and of course a head turner. every pair of eyes in there were looking at her.
with that, I let her go.
people, please don't work as waiter or waitress if you're not a people person or can't even pretend like one.
you're gonna cost your boss loss of customers and shut your workplace down.
it's been a while that I didn't put a lot of my craps and imaginations in an entry right?
my life has been quite dull and I don't have a lot in my mind to be shared.
I'm sleepy again, so I shall head back to my bed and continue my sleep.
till later, assalamualaikum :-)


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