assalamualaikum :-)
last Monday, I accompanied Nellie to check out handphones at Digi Centre.
we decided to have iftar together and invited Atul along since I'm going out for movies after that with her.
guess what? semua tempat tutup! nasib eh Chef At Home was opened for business and the place wasn't full either.

while waiting for Atul

muka happy sebab jumpa tempat pakey sungkey!

tangga lok lipstick Atul mirah jak.. she said she bought the lipstick for RM2 only! the lipstick was green in colour and was said the colour produced depends on the colour of your blood. I tried it too, mirah sekallll!

muka kenyang!

harus sekali gik before balit hiokhiok
after that, me and Atul headed to The Spring because Vee wanted to watch Pacific Rim badly.
but before that, we went to perform solat first.
the funny thing was, there were these two girls waiting for their grandma, mom and aunt performing their solat.
while waiting they held an imaginary concert and used their grandma's walking stick as a mic.
sumpah cute! too bad I was in rush.
mun sik maok juak ngambar nya duak ya. ceredit gilak!

great mind think alike :-)

everyone, meet Vee.

to sum up, Pacific Rim was awesome!
Miss Mori's blue streak is so cool.
if and only if I could dye my hair like that or ombre!
ya nang diberik betis maok pahalah
so that was my Monday, I went out for iftar again on Thursday but I'll write about that some other time.
sorry for being such a lazybum these days. I can't help it.
enjoy your Sunday! assalamualaikum :-)


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