last week

assalamualaikum :-)
how's everyone feeling?
a week of Ramadhan is almost up.
honestly, I'm not feeling the Ramadhan mood yet maybe because I'm still on period.
but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I pray this year Ramadhan is a turning point for everyone to be a better servant of Allah :-)
this is last week updates!

finally watched Despicable Me 2!

thank you for ditching McD for my house!

Secantik Yasmin cewah!


managed to perform first night of Solat Tarawikh at the surau :-)

while everyone was enjoying our first iftar of this year of Ramadhan

more reasons to improve ourselves

had a mini heart attack when Dedek almost ran into the sidewalk and 3 other cars

this is a menswear. a male jumpsuit. and I consider to buy one since I don't have a boyfriend who'll lend me one.

made this! hewhewhew

finally found this!

look what I did to the picture N sent to me :-)
so that was it. I've been staying at home a lot and only went out to fetch my aunt and siblings only.
I'm watching Kisah Cinta currently, I'll write again later.
assalamualaikum :-)


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