it's Ramadhan

first I wanna say, Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan!
I wish everyone a bless Ramadhan!
I hope everyone had a joyful first day of fasting.
mine was urm I found out I'm on period just a few more minutes before iftar.

moving on..
the result was out yesterday.
one word, alhamdulillah.
IT is really not my field, maybe business field suits me better.
I'm on scholarships hunt currently.
if there isn't any, I will wait for next semester.
I'll leave my rezeki to Allah.

next, I want to apologise for being such a lazy bum.
I promised I'll update everything from those past weeks starting tomorrow.
it's puasa so I can't eat anytime anywhere I want just because I'm bored and obviously there is not gonna be any lunch meal for moi.
hang on there, dear tummy!
and there's period cramp *tiup rambut gaya hyemi from Dream High*
I've been watching that show again because it's the only good show playing during midnight.
so that is all from me. I'll write again insha'Allah.
do not forget to recite your niat puasa and skip tarawikh!
Ramadhan is only once a year, and you'll never know if you're gonna meet the next Ramadhan again for sure.
so goodnight and assalamualaikum :-)


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