a week of being me

last night, I already drafted this entry but my wifi is so slow I really can't make myself to finish this entry and post it.
I have to wait for early in the morning to get a satisfactory wifi connection.

I've watch Happy Together episode where they invited the chef from Korean Celebrity Masterchef.
and he taught how to peel off an orange.
I tried it and got laughed by my grandma.
she called it Happy Together Orange and Please Eat It On Your Own
so I did =.='

Nik Michael Imran was here in Kuching for a few days!
he tweeted that he was somewhere which happen to be close to my house.
I tweeted him that back and he told me to come over.
Fatin went crayyyy! she posted to my wall, tweeted me, wechat, whatsapp, text, and if you look carefully she even left a comment in my chatbox.
but I didn't go.
I just like to mess with her and her feelings.
it's not like she has a boyfriend to do that to her so why don't I lulz

I've been keeping my pair of eyes close on these!
I still can't make up my mind *sigh*

isn't this Cookie Monster pyjama is just adorable!
but it cost RM250! someone please, get this for my birthday. please!
I'll send you my picture in it while eating cookies hikhik

I wanted to look less formal because I have the blazer on.
so I wore my Om Nom Nom Monster tee inside :-)

me and The Three F!
Fatin, Fahdina and Farina managed to smile though we were really pissed at the waitress. so yeah!
and I realised how common, names which started with the letter F.
if my daughter's name later on insha'Allah, really have started with the letter F as one of the initial, I'm thinking Yasmin Firjani.
I love my name but I don't favor how Amy doesn't brings any meaning according to Islam.
please tick the cool box of this entry if you like this name lol
I was just kidding.
it's 8 minutes passed 1 already, I really should hit the sack.
I don't want to miss sahur tomorrow morning.
so goodnight and assalamualaikum :-)


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