3 weeks ago

so this is the entry I promised to do last night.
and before I go on, I wanna say there's one awesome drama is playing on RTM called Maskara.
there's Lisa Surihani and Nasha Aziz. even Anzalna!
I know, who watched RTM when everyone got Astro right? I do!
Nasha Aziz is so hot ya'll and Lisa is so cute! while Anzalna is playing the good role in hijab.
so watched it people so I can have friends to talk about the drama :-P
back to business!

Malaysia was still hazy on that day.
alhamdulillah Kuching's sky doesn't look that bad but the days were so warm.

ootd of the week!
dress and cardigan: h&m, shoes and scarf: cotton on, legging: kitschen, bag: unbranded

my grandma cleaned our room and I found this bag which I really forgot about.
as you can see, the chained was broken but I managed to fix it by myself!

wore a studded bracelet as a new addition to my wrist wear

went out for sungkey with Fain.
the whole Kuching was having a really bad blackout.
thanked Allah that I brought water along and we end up berbuka puasa with air kosong.
when we saw City One was not affected at all, I swore our face literally lit up lol
then we rewarded ourselves with Baskin Robbins yummmm

walked around in my mom's Jelly Bunny heels. I need a pair of my own..

had another sungkey with Naz. thank you Naz karena sudi nemanin gue :-P

last but not least, saya sudah gemok. tsk tsk!
so that's what I've been up to that week.
till tomorrow or the day after tomorrow lol
assalamualaikum :-)


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