2 weeks ago

so let's get down to business yaww

Lina's mum said her brother looks like Adi Putra and Lina been doing aggressive marketing of her brother to me. so now, I have his number which I saved as Adi Putra in a bracket lol

what Nellie said to boost me up. spirit booster lah sangat

this is me and ze siblings when we were wayyyy cuter. I even posted a photo of moi in bikini which got a lot of respond saying how fat I was. I was fat, cute and proud okay.

no likey the new flavour

single ladies night out

we were suffering from Teduhan Kasih fever. everyone would be "kau maok jadi si Ayu ya? mala merampas laki orang?" when I said I don't want to live a life like Iffa. you guys think a life like Iffa ya awesome gilak
juak kah?? #talkingfromexperience #munbergerekmaladapatnakcurang #orbanyakrempuansuka

this toys are too difficult for me to figure them out. do they come with answers?

kaki panjang

everything pointed to I should start fresh with someone new just like my twin sister. if you asked, the feelings, the affections were long gone but there are times I found myself still caring about him. whatever he did, didn't hurt as much as it used to but it still hurts at times. last Ramadhan was a really sad one indeed because we broke up during that time. I pray that this time, I really don't have to go through those nights I cry myself to sleep. It really hurts me to be with someone who's not completely in love me. who always have someone else lingers at the back of his mind. and I was stupid to still be there and hope one day it will be just me and me only. I don't hate him but I can't get over his words. his excuses and his lies. and all those times, I trusted him, as a friend and as my loved one. this is one of those heartbreak that really breaks. and I wish no more of this. Salam Ramadhan to you and forgive me for still having our memories linger around in my mind and how I still talk about you. and still not over you. do not come back to me when later one day you may feel empty and lonely. because you once made me felt that way and you were not there to make it go away. somehow I'm pretty sure you won't feel that way because you have her. you have her back. you're back with her. excuse me for having a hard time digesting this. I won't be that annoying ex who keeps bothering you because once, I hate her for being that. and I'm trying not to be a person I will hate. if you wonder, that's how I feel about you. and her. and I summed this up with, one word. strong dislike :-)

I want these indoor clouds in my own room. pretty please?

my new favourite! bought it for only RM10 from Sasa :-)

emosi okay kenak ditched for games. I bet now he's playing one and that's why he hasn't reply my whatsapp yet hmph

told mama to buy everything excluded Biskut Semperit. I don't fancy it.

he was like "how's your throat? what colour is your lips? poopoo? cherry berry kah?" then he said I look like singa menguap. ney sik alu mengaum kita! susah na personal doc jaoh gilak camtok.

and that was 2 weeks ago.
other than these, I've been Candy Crushing and Tumblring a lot.
hopefully I can start pray, fast and tarawikh soon.
I don't want to miss a lot of them.
till then, assalamualaikum :-)


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