what I was up to last week

finally I have all the time in the world to update my blog.
I'm done with my examinations! alhamdulillah I did better than I expected for most of my papers.
what's done can't be change so we shall wait and see :-)
so let's get down with business.

I was tucking myself to bed when I received this

what I wore for luncheon out with Naz and Fiza

ngumpan suroh orang gemok!!

I think he bought something already for me but I don't know what

she was down with fever but she still can strike poses. lol!

he was bored. can you tell?

what was on my study table

had this after a brain wrecking exam and all was well :-)

wished bapak happy father's day :-*

bought a new lip balm. seriously apa beza kaler tok? apa?? dah lah sik nampak =.='

adorable photo of my cousins.

what I've been up to today.
oh I can't wait! guess who caught the flower bouquet? of course lah yours truly
till the next entry. assalamualaikum :-)


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