that voice

this is gonna be one random post.
I listen to radio a lot. like A LOT..
I'm pretty sure everyone knows that group call Forteen.
I'm not gonna write on how good looking Izzue Islam yang sudah rasminya menjadi suami orang tsk melepas but their song which call Kita.
one of the group member's voice caught my attention.
so I actually search for their live performance just to find one who's the owner of the voice.
I really really dig his voice *melting*
so it's their member, Mohamad Arif Ameerias Azhar voice.
your voice paling manang lah dude.
I'm gonna embed their video down here because I think Ernie doesn't has any idea who they are lol..
so enjoy peeps! assalamualaikum :-)

p/s he's the one in green (Y)


  1. haha! so which one is arif which one is izzue?

  2. si baju kunin ya lucu eh dh la pendek overrr which reminds me of me. LOL!

  3. erni: in green ya arif tek then one in stripe white yellow blue ya izzue

    fatin: camya rupa kau tin ahahahaha. paham ko org komen dbah ya sak ati dgn nya


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