last week update

assalamualaikum dan salam nisfu sya'ban :-)
today is the second page of my new deeds book.
insha'Allah this time I'll collect more good deeds than the previous time. amin.
I really need to get a hold of my sarcasm and watch my tongue A LOT. this is hard work I tell ya!
to those who I did wrongly intentionally or not, please do forgive my mistakes. I'll TRY not to repeat them.
as a start, I need to seriously wake up on time for Subuh and stop procrastinate my solat. solat pun procrastinate nendak hidup huru-hara.
and finish off those doa-doa which are in my doa-to-be-remember list and add new ones to the list.
wish me luck since I'm really bad at remembering things.
now let's get down to business.
so what did I do last week?

Atul is not the first to say that I look like cats. so I added whiskers to my face and tada!! I'm a cat :-p

bought a new pair of flat teehee!

had a wonderful lunch with Fiza after a stressful exam!

perfect365-ing Lina's face XD

threw away some of my broken old shoes.
top left: I wore this everyday during my driving lessons
top middle: not mine, it's my sister
top right: I bought this with tetttt
bottom left: this was my favourite!
bottom right: just a wedges

last night was supermoon day! and it brought me back to supermoon day back in Labuan. why am I KLMJ-ing too much these days? gerek orang my and even so bukan gerek orang, his heart was never yours okay. please restrain yourself macam kau restrain yourself from falling in love with YB KJ. OMA people why is YB KJ looks so good in suits?! and a family guy too. his wife is so lucky!

he looks good. like REALLY GOOD.

told ya his wife is lucky.
I'm officially have a crush on YB KJ. I'm screwed.
so I shall distract myself by drooling on Alexis from The Apprentice Asia instead.
he looks good in suit too! does this mean I have thing for man in suit?!
I shall signed out. assalamualaikum :-)


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