DiGi WWWOW Awards

so the title says it all..
I submitted my entries for Shorty Blogger and PhotoStory of the Year weeks ago..
I submitted my Tumblr and cool UNIMAS photos for the categories respectively.
so people check it out! vote for me by clicking the links on the right side of the blog.
if you think I ain't cool enough to win *flipsendofhijab*
do check out other contestants!
I casted my vote for No Designer Here because I'm a huge supporter of local entrepreneur who sells cool and cheap stuff.
Bank Negara can count on me to keep the money rolling back to them.
akhir kata please vote for me and THANK YOU in advance :-)

this is me doing my thank-you-smile.
don't mind the telekung, I was waiting for Isyak nak masuk waktu.
till then assalamualaikum!


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