dear H

so I stumbled upon your picture
from the left angle of your face
not even looking at the camera
merely the size of my thumb
I still recognize you

honestly I'm starting to forget your face
how sleepy your pair of eyes look like most of the time
how sharp your nose is
your small lips
your small structured face
your curly hair
even your long fingers
and at times when you smell so good

one picture brings it all back to me
I guess it's because I know you by my heart
because once
you occupied most of the space in my heart

I hate myself for still missing you now and then
I learnt the hard way I will never meant so much to you as her
so I shall keep this feeling to myself.
the reason my paced was fast that day I saw your back
yeah the view of your back

pathetic me.
so I shall go to sleep.


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