behind the scenes: Fain's post wedding photoshoot

remember my teaser photo?
that was for Fain's postttttttt-wedding photoshoot.
which was taken by her own brother in law and a friend of her husband.
OMA I feel so old talking about wedding photos and such tsk
we still haven't received the photos yet so these are the behind the scenes photos.
from having Fiza to redo my eyeliner to Naz's blusher to properly putting on Lina's scarf.
when it was my turn later on, 9 sharp I'm already on my way to location.
it was so panassss okay. sampey hitam muka Lina. yalah entingal orang nak makeup sikmaok =.='
and please no pictures which needed me to hike on small hill and such too okay! nangis aku tergugok kelak.
I'll uploaded the official pictures once I received them later okay. in the meantime, enjoy!

satisfied with my makeup on that day hewhew. bought Female magazine just to learn how and such. alhamdulillah it was worth it.

Mak Andam on duty

Fiza tercucuk jarum ke palak Lina!

this was well urm still atempting to belit the selendang on Lina's head and it didn't went so well. sorry sikpat di upload gambar ya. boleh menjatuhkan maruah Lina XD

Naz who insisted to have balloons on the scene pasya semua semput niup.

this was while we were still excited and haven't feel the heat yet. still in hyper state.

as you can see, I was already tired. and it was only at the first location *sigh*

ze monkeys as bridesmaids

and of course the pengantin lamak

we insisted to stay in the car after the shoot at the first location because it was too hot!!
I KNOW! we're such a terrible bridesmaids :-P
of course we went out from the car after that but we were reluctant to take more photos.
we started to fool around and pissed Fain's off a bit sebab nyakatnya tengah panas retak camya lol!
we're not a fully grown adults bah.. we are still a kid! yerrrr time tok maok ngakuk nemiak kecik XD
oh oh oh the scarf we bought it at Cotton On for only RM6. we wanted to have a bit of uniformity. so yeah.
that's how I spent my Saturday last week. macamlah ada orang nanyak nak tapi sukati aku lah blog aku *flipshujungtudung*
I shall end my crap because it's already 1 in the morning and I'm planning to puasa esok hari which leads to usually sik sempat sahur.
so goodnight! assalamualaikum :-)


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